Last night turned out to be a special night. Last night, There goes a thought reached the 50000 hits milestone. Now in SEO terms, 50000 hits is like Mimoh’s debut(s). But considering that I’ve deleted almost all my older blogs before they hit puberty, 50K hits is a big deal for me. So last night out of sheer boredom, I delved deep into TGAT’s analytics reports, trying to figure out the kind of people who visited TGAT via Google. The results have been very encouraging.


Number of people who arrived to TGAT looking for Nobel Peace Prize and its cousins including: Nobel Piece Prize, Novel Peace Prize, Nobal Peace Prize, Nobel Pease Price and Nobel Prices


People who came to TGAT looking for ‘Lonely girl’



People think Ashish Nehra is funny. They came to TGAT looking for Ashish Nehra jokes, jokes on Ashish Nehra, Ashish nehra funny etc.


horny chemists came looking for ‘Vidya Balan Sodium Sulfate’


People wanted a middle finger. 67 of them were noob suicide bombers who came looking for ‘middle finger explosion’.


People found what they came for. ‘Insane Person’.


People who wanted to see ‘Bappi da without glasses’. I did a little google search and now I know why. Go ahead, try it.


were disappointed. They wanted ‘Sania Mirza nude’.


people were looking for ‘Ugly bald men’. I am guessing some of them follow me on Twitter now.


people were looking for ‘Shewag’. Whatever that is.


‘list out the question which we ask about sania mirza about her biography and achievement’.


wanted ‘lonely pictures of a girl’.

were looking for ‘Rakhi sawant breast’.

were looking for ways to ‘make a Yash Raj’. One of them is dating Uday Chopra, for sure.


Number of times @dharmeshG visited TGAT: ‘spelling to become tomorrow’s leaders’

People came from Kanpur. They were looking for a place for ‘spitting gutkha’.

People ‘hate ashish nehra’.


were right. ‘We need education’.


were looking for a way to stop Arnab Goswami from talking. ‘arnab goswami wife’

‘finger gurdass mann’

‘blod on the dance floor is gay’

‘indian coupuls porne’

‘life, poem vector’


‘hair of tere name’

‘lara dutta tweeted fart’

‘being sane in insane places’

‘ashish nehra dead’

‘bengali animals’

‘japan porno leady sex’

‘chuttad khan’

‘kamal hassan arm workout routine’

‘hermionee wants to pee’

‘girl with lots of bald men’

‘mika´s hot men’

‘chennai merina lovers day porn watch’

‘why are visit zoo’

great symbole of company of automobile’

‘sympathy nehra’

‘a cat reading harry potter’

‘bengali iit stink’

‘armpit hair actress deepti naval’

‘shilpa shetty beliefs on alcohol’

‘kidney stone bladder exit speed’

‘in which state arabian sea is ?’

‘sleeper cell pyar ho gaya’

‘fuck with leady patient and wardboy’

‘sania mirza balls’

‘i am not dead Indian’


So there you go.

A dead blog’s post-mortem results are out.

Lonely girl wins.

In case you didn’t know, I am tagging every post with the ‘lonely girl’ keyword these days. Even the Open Letter to Anna Hazare was tagged with ‘Lonely girl’. has also been doing fairly well as far search engine traffic is concerned. The fact, that it is the 9.3 x e^21st most popular blog on the internet, helps.  Here are some gems from’s traffic report:

‘dhoom machale slogan for shadi’

‘japan octopus food porn video’

‘ramdev baba holding’

‘northindia bhabhi’

‘how can i check octopus astrology’

‘men’s under way istemal video’


‘sex with nagraj’

I like where this is going, don’t you?

(Sincere apologies to those who came looking, yet again, for a lonely girl. This isn’t Kashmeera Shah’s blog.)