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Sunny side up!

Posted on October 20, 2011

When I was kid, I wanted to be Sunny Deol when I grew up. That was till Ajay Devgan came around and Mom started telling me that if he can become a hero, I can too. I even went all Karate Kid after watching Jigar, trying to hit boiled eggs after tossing them into air or punching into warm sand while screaming ‘HYYEEAAAH’. Dad put an end to all those dreams when I started blaming him for not being an Action Director. I ended up being an Industrial engineer, a software tester and a blogger, but we digress. It was Sunny Paaji’s birthday yesterday and like all other celebrity birthdays, it was celebrated on Twitter with much aplomb. I personally think that Sunny Deol…


Tantanoo’s Must Watch Videos at a YouTube Party Playlist

Posted on July 27, 2011

I get only 43% of the cartoons posted on XKCD. For example, I didn’t get this recent one on Google+ and had to go all the way to Explain XKCD. Even that didn’t help much. But I do get the easier ones and swear by XKCD in any andho-mein-kaana-raja type situation. And then there are times when I TOTALLY get an XKCD comic. Like TOTALLY. This comic was a part of those rarest-of-rare moments.   (There is also a similar Doghouse Diaries strip-which predates XKCD’s comic btw)