Barfi!(with an exclamation mark) is a terrifically uncomplicated movie about a protagonist with a physical disability who was born in Darjeeling and was originally named after a radio Murphy but since he can’t say his name, he makes a shrill noise that sounds like Barfi! and that’s where the movie gets its title and Barfi gets his name from.

The story also moves back and forth – between 1972, 1978 and 2012.


(there are lessons for me in this poster)

– Credits. UTV(probably)

Barfi is deaf and mute and like any other deaf and mute character in Bollywood, falls in love with a girl. This Darjeeling-based girl, who is a bengali(which explains her Bambi-sized eyes) cares for Barfi and shares bicycle seats and horse-saddles with him. She also dons a white wig sometime during the movie and is previously engaged. She is the rich girl for whom Barfi, the poor guy falls and ultimately she chooses money over Barfi. There is also a scene in the rain where Barfi realizes that he is not good enough to marry the girl he likes and this scene must move you to tears.

There is also heartbreak, a kiss and an outburst(albeit a silent one).

Priyanka Chopra plays Jhilmil who plays Barfi’s autistic-childhood-friend in a role that is as good as her role in Saat Khoon Maaf and better than her roles in What’s Your Rashee. Jhilmil belongs to an affluent family who don’t care for her sensitive needs. Meanwhile Barfi’s father has kidney failure. Since he has no monies, he plans to kidnap Jhilmil and blackmail her parents for money. Here Jhimil and Barfi realize that they are made for each other although they are not made for each other. Meanwhile, nearly after 6 years of marriage(don’t know if she had a kid/kids), Shruti realizes that she still has feelings for Barfi.

There are also some clever moments in the movie where the hands painting a painting turn out to belong to someone totally unexpected(like WHOA) and there is a #samething that happens when a hand tugs a shirt(again like WHOA).

Apart from Barfi!, other curiously named things in the movie are a police station named Sleep and a shelter called Smile.

Ranbir Kapoor does a charlie-chaplin-or-Mr-Bean-orRaj-kapoor-or-Adam-Sandler. He:
– Walks into walls
– Juggles bananas
– Does the chicken dance
– Drives a trolley on a railway track
– Has trouble with cops
– Has a romance with Jhilmil as well which is not very convincing

Barfi like Bawarchi and Taare Zameen Par is about the following:
– Life is about finding happiness in small things
– Films about people with disabilities need not be dull

Barfi is a:
– old-fashioned
– brilliant
– slow
– entertaining
– very funny at times
– heartbreaking

As the promos indicate, the movie has very few dialogues. The music by Pritam so far hasn’t been linked to any Korean movie but people are busy probing the deep recesses of the interwebz to find out a source.


I’ll probably write about Barfi again when I actually see the movie. I had 5 tickets for Barfi! this weekend but realized at 12:15 that the show is at 12:30 and not 13:30. I have 2 more tickets for Wednesday. This post is derived from other reviews – Mihir’s Not-Review, Mr.Sen’s and Someone’s. This post’s purpose is to serve as a painful memory of this occasion when I read a movie’s review before watching the movie,  something I’ve promised myself never to do again.