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Aapko Hindi aati hai?

Posted on February 8, 2012

There is this group of scamsters in Chennai that try to trick North Indians and Central Indians. These conmen, conwomen and con-children roam the streets of Chennai looking for Hindi speaking people. If they spot you talking in hindi, they’ll stop you and tell you that they are a family from Maharashtra and were traveling to Tirupati when their luggage was stolen and now they don’t have any money to return to their hometown. These guys, they hunt in packs of three – Man, woman and child. They’ll then do some major emotional blackmail on how ‘ek hindi bolne wala hi hindi bolne wale ki madad kar sakta hai’. They’ll tell you how people here don’t understand hindi and are not helping. I ran…


First Anniversary

Posted on June 18, 2011

On 16 June, 2011 I completed a year. In Chennai. A year. 365 days. 262 Working days. A year ago, 14 of us landed in Chennai. 7 of us remain. One of them is me. I still remember the day when we gave our choices for a job location. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. I had chosen. I remember the moment when the allotments were announced. Chennai. God had chosen. 17 people were slated to leave for Chennai. Some were flustered. Some broke down(not kidding). I was unperturbed. Jaipur was getting on  my nerves with its heat and paying 3800 bucks for a shared room was getting on my wallet. I wanted a way out, even if it meant landing in Chennai. Mom was concerned though.…