Dear all,

Thank you for your outrage on rape. It was very important. Your marches and petitions have been well received. Really. I wish you all the success in your future endeavors and sincerely hope that the change you are trying to bring, is brought, swiftly and properly.

But since educating the youth, sex-education, judicial reforms, women empowerment and measures such as banning chowmein will take a few more decades to arrive, there are more things you can do.

Like applying for a gun license for your wife/girlfriend/female friends. Ask them to shoot any molester/eve-teaser/potential rapist at sight. Remember that this is a country where they’ll get convicted for murder, serve the sentence and will be out sooner than justice is delivered if a rape incident happens. Ask them to shoot at the penis so even if the person isn’t killed, he and his masculinity suffers enough. Ask them not to spare teenagers or old men because rapists are not human, not in the moment they are not. Ask them to be prepared for revenge, media attention and shit that comes as a packaged deal. If you can’t afford a gun, buy her a knife. A taser. Buy her anything that hurts her offenders more than they hurt her.

Be wary of all men. Including family. Remember that a rapist was driving your kids to school. Treat everyone with suspicion. Even your milkman. Your husband’s best friend. Your husband. Any thing that has a penis. Safety is just an illusion.

When your girl is old enough, send her to a country that treats its women with respect. Hard to find a place but there must be an island or two on the world map that will meet this requirement. Don’t trust Indian cities. All Indian cities are fucked up irrespective of which end of the map  you are looking at. So are the villages. Safe country is another illusion. Remember ‘Legitimate rape’?

Befriend policemen and politicians. Get to know your MLA. Choose a political party. Buy them booze and cigarettes. Bribe them. Remember that you live in a country where you don’t get a fucking driving license without bribing someone, justice is a far, far call. Remember those kids who died saving their friend?

Teach your girl how to fight. Learn how to fight.

Teach your son to respect women. Teach him till he understands. If he doesn’t, shoot him too.

Make lots of friends. Only a mob can fight another.

If nothing else, buy them a poison pill so they can kill themselves while there’s still time. You’ll be arrested for abetment of suicide but it will probably be worth it.

Remember that there are more rapists out there than policemen and sometimes there’s no difference between the two.

Most of all.


Remember that every douchebag you tolerate now adds to a populace that’ll blame your girl for her suffering. They don’t care if she is 6-year-old or 66. It is always her fault. Or culture’s fault. Or chowmein’s fault. The most they’ll do is cancel the registration of a bus. That, for them, solves everything. That or the ‘maoist’ label.


That there is no Batman. Your fights are your own. To the the Government and the police you are just a statistic. Just another figure in their yearly compensation estimate. Nothing more.

Go to those candle marches. Burn a few candles. Burn a few men too. Just like they burnt that woman after her gang rape.

Sign petitions. It is easier than signing those medical inspection forms.

Vote. Topple governments. Two men threw a bomb in the assembly once. These are your bombs. Move governments, move ministers. Vote for scum that works for you rather than scum that works for no one. Play dirty, those goons who tease your daughter everyday already are.

Thank you once again for your outrage.

Keep it up.

Keep it burning.