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A comment in my opinion is one of the following:

  • Your way of telling me how smart you are
  • Your way of telling me how dumb you are
  • Your way of telling me how smart I am
  • Your way of telling me how dumb I am

I have enabled comment moderation on this blog because:

  • I don’t trust everyone who visits this blog
  • I get comment notifications which brings your comment to my notice and helps me respond to them in time

On this blog:

  • I’ll allow trolling limited to one comment. I’ll reply in suitable words and block you from commenting again. That is my way of saying STFU honourably. I respect your right to be a troll but don’t abuse that right.
  • I’ll accept any comment and every comment as long as it makes sense. I don’t mind criticism as long as it is level headed.
  • You can use cuss words in all languages as long as what you are saying makes sense and doesn’t offend other readers of the blog
  • I’ll reply to comments as long as the thread makes sense. I’ll answer your queries and discuss everything you want to. But that totally depends on my frame of mind and leisure.

Also, I prefer comments which have an identity so please leave your name and URL. This serves two purposes – One, I can read your blog and Two, I know you are real. By this I mean, real name and real URL. I know you don’t own Yahoo(who’d want to, anyway).

Anonymous comments will be allowed for people who love anonymity. But anonymous comments that abuse the anonymity will not be given the respect they could otherwise have deserved. Anonymity isn’t an invisibility cloak for the weak. If you have an opinion, make sure you claim it, don’t leave it here like an orphaned comment.


  • You can use the comment space to share links to your works or other pieces on the internet. But there is a thin line of difference between pimping and sharing. So, I won’t reply to comments that only contain a link. I will not delete them, but I won’t lend you an ear and I won’t read that link.
  • WordPress actually allows me to edit all comments – my comments as well as your comments. So the power rests with me. I can edit your comment and make you sound like a douchebag. Alternatively I can edit my reply and make myself sound smarter. But I won’t do that. Unless you force me to.
  • I don’t take dictations. I’ll write about everything and anything under the sun as long as I feel I have something to say about it. I’ll refrain from writing flammable stuff, I won’t insult any community intentionally or otherwise. If I am found guilty of such behaviour, point it out and it will be rectified. Apart from that, the world is my oyster and I’ll will do anything inside it.

Again, there is enough communal hatred in the world. Please spare my blog. And I really mean it.

Having said that, do comment on this blog. I appreciate feedback of all sort. Also understand that I make thousands of typos and grammar errors that need to be rectified. Point them out too.



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(*line borrowed from Herche’s blog disclaimer)