Boobs = Kittens

I was fiddling with Google’s What Do You Love( the other day and discovered something that I am sure many of you’d have already discovered. I searched for ‘boob’ in Google’s WDYL.


While you expect Google to churn the interwebs and bring you the best pages on boobies, Google slyly redirects you to a results page for ‘Kittens’.




That’s right. You are looking for boobs and Google gives you kittens. On a rainbowy page.

Go ahead. Try it.


Reddit tells me that there are 437 such words that are blocked on Google. I found a slightly inaccurate version of that list –

Also, did you know you could ‘Search God on the move’, ‘Explore God in 3D’ and ‘Access God Stuff on the Web, faster’? I did not.

I still wonder why did Google choose ‘Kittens’ as the default search term. If it was only limited to Boobs, I can understand. I have a video here that sort of explains the connection. But for the rest, I think it is just a booby-trap.

(While  you are at it, do go through this patent about Toy Kittens that has the best patent graphics ever!)


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  1. Swamy Saran Atul · October 3, 2011 Reply

    You may know this. Anywhoo, in late 1990s, there was a diva in WWF called Debra. Her pom-poms were known as “puppies.” Soon, she was joined by an attendant Miss Kitty. Hers were known as “kittens.” Here:
    Apparently someone in WDYL is a big wrestling fan.

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