What is a blog?

The question should be, ‘Who is a blog?’. A blog is a very lonely person, just like a tweet. Only lonelier.

Why do you blog? 


Don’t worry. You are not a stupid fuck and I don’t make money(not yet) from this blog. The cartoon is just to grab your attention. I blog because every now and then I have this urge to express my opinion. This is a mad, irresistible urge, akin to the urge to pee after having more beer than your bladders can hold. So, I relieve myself. I tweet, I post status messages on Facebook and I blog.


What happens when I click on the ‘Marry Me’ page?

A virgin, from the 72 that have been promised to me, dies.


I don’t understand the categories?



What does Tantanoo mean?

Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Now say ‘Shantanu’. *bright light*


Lara Dutta endorses this blog? Why have you put her image in the header?

As long as she isn’t aware of its existence, I am sure she does. Like most things on this blog, her presence in the header is co-incidental and trivial.


What is Rajesh Khanna’s head doing in the Email button?



Can I copy your blog-posts?

Yes, you can. But you shouldn’t. Because lookalikes aren’t as awesome as the real deal. If you lift stuff from this blog, a girl with long hairs will erupt from your television, pin you down and sing a Justin Beiber song till you die a sad, painful death. In your next life, you’ll be reborn as Sanjay Kapoor. In short, bad things will happen to you. Plagiarism never helped anyone(except Anu Malik or Pritam maybe). It sucks. More than a back-to-back telecast of ‘Main Prem ki diwani hun’. Why steal when you can borrow? Ask, yo!


I subscribe to your RSS feed. Is it safe?

Yes. But prolonged exposure isn’t recommended.


You are not funny.

Next question.

Is this your first blog?

Nope. This is my eleventh blog. Every once in a while I commit blogicide: kill a blog, burn another. Some other surviving specimens are TGAT and Comicry.


I’ve run out of questions. If you have any, post it in the comments section here. I’ll repeat them to myself over and over again and when they become ‘frequently’ asked, I’ll answer them here.