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Tantanoo’s language lessons: #319

Posted on June 15, 2012

Today’s lesson is an introduction to couple words. Couple words are two words that indicate the same thing. Their origin can be traced back to the popular dialogue in the 80s – ‘Aur Kaam Kaaj Kaisa Chal Raha Hai?’ Couple words act as great conversation fillers and are beautifully cringeworthy. Examples: Football Shootball Haye Rabba Shaadi Vaadi Paise Shaise and the epic combo, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar. However, one needs to be really careful while using them in a conversation. You see, I was talking to this lady today and after the usual ‘aakhir uski life meri life se boring kaise’ bits, we reached a point in conversation where you had to use a conversation filler like ‘Aur batao’. I decided to go with…


Tatkal, Rihanna and other irrelevant things

Posted on June 14, 2012

Well, this blog and its author have been missing in action lately. The author has also been missing action but that’s for another day. The fact is that the author has been really busy doing important things like running late for office, booking tatkal tickets by the dozen and deleting messages from HDFC Bank offering a personal loan thrice every hour on every phone in the author’s house. The author has also been sleeping like Sleeping Beauty on Benadryl. The last post on this blog was on the second day of April, a day before the author crossed an important milestone in his life. He breached the Brahmacharya barrier. But right after that, the author was caught in a space-time-dilation-thingy that has slowed the…