February, the month of lou, has been nothing short of a disaster for  me.

You see, I lost my internet connections.

All of them.

One wouldn’t allow me because I didn’t pay their bills.

One can’t provide me a connection because I live in a stupid apartment where pigeons need three written permissions to shit on the terrace.

And I lost the third one when my neighbor got his free wi-fi disconnected. (He suspected a foreign hand in his bills)

So I’ve surfed internet on my dashing Lava phone.

I’ve accidently retweeted conversations here and there.

I’ve not felt jealous about any of my Facebook friends in a long time.

February took me everywhere. To single digit Saving accounts balance to five digit credit card bills. Sleepless nights and sleepy days at work. Weekends where you look forward to the weekdays and weekdays that make you look forward to the weekends. I’ve been running in vicious circles all of February.

March has been more forgiving.

Still, I’ve been too busy to post something to this blog.

So here goes.

Here is a minimal(supposedly) poster that I made for Minimal Bollywood Posters.


Source: Uploaded here.

Till words return,