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A 90s Heaven

Posted on November 20, 2011

We all have our own visions of Heaven. Clouds, eternal fires, apsaras, Indra’s throne, 1000 watt bulbs and so on. But what if Heaven(or hell for that matter) turns out to be as mundane as our existing lives? Sample this. …   You die. You wake up and out of blinding light a government office emerges. You walk up broken stairs, through paan-stained corridors. You are then made to sit on a bench and wait for your turn. A few decades later(after much pleading before God’s peons), your file reaches Chitragupta’s minion’s desk. A dot-matrix printer is printing your balance-sheet.   You sit there for another decade or so, waiting for that printer to shut up. Finally Chitragupta’s assistant has a look at your…



Posted on November 15, 2011

This is the 50th post on And since this isn’t Kumar Sangakkara’s blog, this milestone will happen only once. So I want to mark it with a post. This post. Frankly, I didn’t think it’d last this long. But it has. So yay! Also, here are the posts I’ve enjoyed writing(or photoshopping) the most: – Tantanoo goes to T.Nagar – Philosoraptor goes to Bollywood – Draw the line – Life and times of Paul the Octopus – We are all Knuts (Isn’t a blog post really, more of an experience) and the most recent, Five types of Indian Erotic Story writers.   The last one has managed to get blocked at a few offices and has thus dug a deep hole in…


Open Letter to Google Reader

Posted on November 2, 2011

Dear Google Reader, What happened? What went wrong? No, seriously. Why did you have to go all Jocelyn Wildenstein on me? Our relationship of a few years was going just fine, until yesterday, when I logged in to you and it felt like waking up next to Micheal Jackson. I can totally understand the pressures of having Google Wave, Buzz and Orkut as your siblings but this move was totally uncalled for. I still remember those golden moments that we spent together. You were my window to the blogging world. More so because WordPress and Blogger blogs are blocked at my workplace thanks to evil Websense.  But you – my erstwhile dearest – you smuggled these posts into my Internet Explorer with Al-Qaida-ish dexterity.…