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Ra.One – No pun

Posted on October 28, 2011

*May contain spoilers, poor opinions and poorer words. Discretion advised.* I was dragged to Ra.One, first day first show on Thursday. It was a very pleasant day. Rainy Diwali morning in Chennai. And nothing, I repeat, Nothing could have ruined my mood. So I didn’t mind paying the autowallah 300 bucks to take us to AGS, Villivakkam. I didn’t mind standing in a line because they didn’t have enough 3D glasses.  I didn’t mind the 250 Rs. Ticket(with free popcorn and a can of Coke, mind you). And I didn’t mind sitting through a movie that has the best robots in the hindi film industry. (When you’ve seen Vivah thrice in a multiplex, your balls become platinum coated) And because I was determined to…


Sunny side up!

Posted on October 20, 2011

When I was kid, I wanted to be Sunny Deol when I grew up. That was till Ajay Devgan came around and Mom started telling me that if he can become a hero, I can too. I even went all Karate Kid after watching Jigar, trying to hit boiled eggs after tossing them into air or punching into warm sand while screaming ‘HYYEEAAAH’. Dad put an end to all those dreams when I started blaming him for not being an Action Director. I ended up being an Industrial engineer, a software tester and a blogger, but we digress. It was Sunny Paaji’s birthday yesterday and like all other celebrity birthdays, it was celebrated on Twitter with much aplomb. I personally think that Sunny Deol…


Pal bhar ke liye koi humein pyar kar le

Posted on October 12, 2011

I wanted to write about this song when I first saw it air on TV in one of those Star World India commercials for Simpsons. It is one of my favorite Kishore songs, not for the voice or the music, but for the eccentricity of the lyrics(there is a Ramayana reference there btw). Of course, it does come handy while playing Antakshari(India’s national sport after T20), after you’ve exhausted the Piya piya piya mera jiya pukare and Pyar humein kis mod pe le aya. But it is the lyrics of this song that stand out for me. pal bhar ke liye koyi hamen pyaar kar le jhootha hi sahi pal bhar ke liye koyi hamen pyaar kar le jhootha hi sahi do din ke…


Boobs = Kittens

Posted on October 3, 2011

I was fiddling with Google’s What Do You Love( the other day and discovered something that I am sure many of you’d have already discovered. I searched for ‘boob’ in Google’s WDYL. While you expect Google to churn the interwebs and bring you the best pages on boobies, Google slyly redirects you to a results page for ‘Kittens’.     That’s right. You are looking for boobs and Google gives you kittens. On a rainbowy page. Go ahead. Try it. SEE! Reddit tells me that there are 437 such words that are blocked on Google. I found a slightly inaccurate version of that list – Also, did you know you could ‘Search God on the move’, ‘Explore God in 3D’ and ‘Access…