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First Anniversary

Posted on June 18, 2011

On 16 June, 2011 I completed a year. In Chennai. A year. 365 days. 262 Working days. A year ago, 14 of us landed in Chennai. 7 of us remain. One of them is me. I still remember the day when we gave our choices for a job location. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. I had chosen. I remember the moment when the allotments were announced. Chennai. God had chosen. 17 people were slated to leave for Chennai. Some were flustered. Some broke down(not kidding). I was unperturbed. Jaipur was getting on  my nerves with its heat and paying 3800 bucks for a shared room was getting on my wallet. I wanted a way out, even if it meant landing in Chennai. Mom was concerned though.…


Khali Fokat #1

Posted on June 8, 2011

Photoshop is addictive. Last night I had a lot of work to finish. I didn’t. I blame Photoshop. And our Prime Minister. Manmohan is a louly name. So is our Prime Minister. Calm, composed and well, calm and composed. But what if we had a more sinister Prime Minister? Like, Dr. MacMohan Singh? “Reporter: Sir, KITNA INAAM RAKHA HAI KANIMOZHI PE? Dr. MacMohan: POORE PACHAAS HAZAAAR!”   Or if he was a bit musical. Like Dr. Madan Mohan Singh.     Or if he was very musical. Like Dr. Mann Mohan Singh   You get the drift. Disclaimers: 1. Due apologies to the owners of these pics, whoever and wherever you are. If you want this blog post pulled down, just let me know.…


Protesting bananas stop several trains

Posted on June 7, 2011

Early this morning, thousands of bananas worldwide staged a one-of-a-kind protest, to protect and restore their dignity. To the discomfort of many, several bananas gathered on railway tracks in India, paralyzing services in a lot of places. The Bananas were protesting against injustice meted to them by software companies and people in general. ‘This is a fight for our identity, our dignity and position in the fruit world’, an angry banana told reporters. (Thousands of Bananas staged a walkout in the Parliament today | via. here) In a letter to the World Food Council, the Go! Bananas association have underlined their grievances. There is a popular sentiment in the fruit world that since times immemorial, bananas have been denied of any fame or recognition.…