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Sab baatein hain, baaton ka kya

Posted on April 8, 2011

“The time has come…” “We need..” “Must reach the grassroots..” “They are corrupt..” “They don’t listen..” “The youth of this country..” “Until…” “Spread the message…” “Must make sure..” “Trigger..” “Roll model..” “How can we allow..” “Not any more..” “At a time when..” “Need of the hour..” “CAPSLOCK..” “Aap aage badho, hum aapke saath hai…” “Just kill the fuckers…” “Together let us..” “Its HIGH time!!!!…..” “V r wid u..” “I don’t know…” “It will never….” “I salute you…” “VANDE MATARAM..” “It is killing us all….” “Initiative taken by you..” “Nothing is impossible…” “But..” “Hi..” “Inqalaab Zindabaad…” “Somebody please…” “Join me…” “They are loosers..” “Abhi toh sirf shuraat hai..” “ASL?…” “Finally…!…” “U Rock..” “Hats off..” “Please sign this petition..” “You are the only hope..” “Mind blowing”…


Just another World Cup post.

Posted on April 7, 2011

I was one of those students who dread the Sports period at school. Unlike Calvin, I didn’t have any imaginary friends or the creativity to invent a new game. My idea of a sport was a War Game between G.I.JOEs and COBRA. I HATED SPORTS. I could never understand Tennis, I still don’t. Tennis had very few colors. Green and White mostly. I found that boring. And I found the scoring too complex for my taste. 15,30, 40 – I still haven’t figured out which series that is. I remember that Dad had a tennis racquet which I wasn’t allowed to touch. I never bothered. Since there was no Twitter at that time and we didn’t live in Kolkata, I had absolutely no idea…