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Life and times of Paul the Octopus

Posted on February 22, 2011

The world knew him by many names – the Cephaloprophet, the underwater nostradamus and the molluscan marvel. But to those of us who knew him personally, Paul’s life is one of those fairy tales that Disney refuses to make because there aren’t any songs in them. Before he achieved mind numbing fame, Paul was just another octopus. He was unhappy and unemployed. After refusing to act in 13 Japanese videos,he was looking for alternate ways of employment. He had even registered for ORGY – The Octopus Rozgaar Guarantee Yojana – but nothing much came out of it. “Being an Octopus isn’t an easy thing you know”, he told me during one of those times, munching on the last piece of Papda. I understood what…


The Dark Blog Rises.

Posted on February 2, 2011

Friends, Romanians and Spammers, Welcome to Together we’ll bring down governments, grammar and general knowledge. In that order. Few pre-world-domination notices: – I am still not very happy with the template so minor denting-painting work will continue. – Also, I am going to import some comics from Comicry here, just to kick start the comic binness. – There will be ads on this blog from time to time, depending on how much money I owe my room-mate. – There are surprise pages on this blog to surprise you. They’ll appear and disappear depending on how good they feel about me. DON’T PANIC. – Like a newbie eve-teaser, you can now rate everything on this blog. EVERYTHING! – The website can now be translated…