The Philosoraptor is one of my favorite memes. For those of you who don’t know what a Philosoraptor is, you can read about it at Know  Your Meme.(and here)  There is something about that brooding Dinosaur that I find very amusing. My only contribution to the meme has been the Philosoraptor meets Lotus Notes. Earlier this month while I was at work, composing bits of the Mera Pehla Pehla Kaam blog post, I remembered this Bollywood dialogue – Sadak kya Peter ke baap ki hai? If you come to think about it, that question still remains unanswered. We don’t really know whether the road belongs to Peter’s dad or not. Which brings us to this post.

Here are top 7 questions from Bollywood that may have perplexed the Philosoraptor(or should we call him the Philososur?):


Sholay has a number of such questions. For example, ‘Ab Tera kya hoga Kaliya?’ This question is a great management lesson in disguise too. Because the answer to this question doesn’t answer the question at all.

Gabbar: ‘Ab Tera kya hoga Kaliya?’

Kaaliya:  ‘Sardaar maine aapka namak khaya hai’

Gabbar: WTF?


This tactic is often used in viva-voce examinations, job interviews, performance appraisals and similar situations to avoid stating a disastrous fact. However, much to the disappointment of Kaaliya and many others, this tactic seldom works.

‘Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?’ is a trickier question. It could well have been a paradox. Because if Basanti’s name is not Basanti, you can never be sure as to whom this question is addressed. If however, Basanti’s name is Basanti, this ceases to be a question and becomes a statement. This can also be interpreted as a question-answer combo if ‘Basanti’ is meant to be a guess for the question – ‘Tumhara naam kya hai?’

Anyway, moving on.

No Bollywood list can be complete without a mention of Gunda. So here goes:


and from another classic:


And when Philosoraptor falls in love:


And finally:

cry cry


A number of questions can make it to this list but these are the ones that I found most profound. You can ofcourse make your own Philosoraptor. Go ahead, have fun.

With inputs from blood-brother Siddhartha Adhikari. And here is a bonus Philosoraptor as suggested by Karthik:

whats my name

You can check out more Philosoraptors here or by a simple Google search. My favorite Philosoraptor? That’d be:

philosoraptor-mordor 0